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Activities Report: Decred en Español Proposal 2 from June 8th to July 8th

Activities Report: Decred en Español Proposal 2 from June 8th to July 8th
Report of Activities - Decred en Español Proposal 2
Activities Report: Decred en Español Proposal 2 from June 8th to July 8th
Social Media Content:
News and mentions:
Business Development conversation:
  • TravelbyBit and Travala talks for corporate account and DCR integration
  • TechwithCatalina for content creations and cross marketing campaings
  • LumitHub for sponsorhips of academyc resources
  • Lvna Capital
  • Blockchain Summit Uruguay
Next steps:
  • Continue with monthly events and social media content
  • Follow up on business development conversations
  • Article on marketing challenges for Cointelegraph in Spanish
  • Articles on DEOs and remote working for Talent Republic and Cointelegraph in Spanish
  • Growing new Telegram group for developers
  • Conversations with hacking communities for online webinars
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