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Verso Card - a Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet Card

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helping a friend move coins off of Verso Card wallet. in need of help /r/Bitcoin

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Interview Chat with Sebastien Coupy of Verso Cards: A Bitcoin Wallet Solution

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I did it

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Hello, it's Verso Cards. AMA

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How I am trying to make bitcoin more mainstream

I want to share my story about what I'm doing to make bitcoin more mainstream. I'm a Dutch student and bitcoin in The Netherlands is growing rapidly fast. Pretty much everyone has heard about bitcoin and especially students know the basic concept but most of them do not own bitcoin themselves. (Even the former Minister of Finance Jan Kees de Jager owns bitcoins)
I'm an iPhone and Mac user. I'm using the Coinjar Wallet on my iPhone and the Hive Wallet on my Mac. In both of them I keep the balance under 200 USD. For my savings I use a BIP-38 encrypted paper wallet and a VersoCard.
When I talk to people about bitcoin most of them are pretty openminded, if they are interested I have them download the Hive Wallet on Android and send them 1 USD in bitcoin. The Hive Wallet for Android is really nice looking and everyone can easily understand it. (I do tell them it isn't a very safe place to store your bitcoins)
Their first responds is: "WOW! That's fast" So now they own bitcoin and I encourage them to read more about bitcoin on bitcoin.org/ - and they do!
I know what you are thinking! "You should have told them about conformations" Well I don't tell them about conformations at that point. I think education about bitcoin is really imported but you don't need to overwhelm someone with all the ins and outs of bitcoin.
So how many people are using bitcoin because of you? Well the people really using bitcoin because of me is around 15 people all of them have invested 50 USD or more and are doing around 8 transactions per month. But around 50 people own bitcoin because of me, they did not invest in it but when I owe them money I pay them back in bitcoin and they are very happy to accept it. (these are mostly small transactions around 5 bucks for example when they paid my lunch)
Is it hard to buy bitcoin in The Netherlands? You have no idea how simple it is! You can buy them online using your debit card and have them in your bitcoin wallet in 5 minutes. (In The Netherlands we have iDeal, it's a really nice system but paying with bitcoin is faster)
Are you spending your bitcoins? I do! I think I spend bitcoins around 4 times a week. I spend bitcoin on:
I'm still trying to convince my gardener to accept bitcoin.
Well that was pretty much it! I truly love bitcoin and this subreddit has learned me a lot about finance, banking and security. So thank you for that! /bitcoin was the reason that I joined Reddit. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments. :)
PS: Forgive me if I made any spelling or grammatica mistakes.
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Verso cards and reusing the public key

From a recent review from Let's Talk Bitcoins:
Lastly, the Verso Card relies on reusing a single public key for all wallet transactions, which is generally not advised and certainly not advised for cold storage paper wallets.
This is something I've wondered about as well. Can you address the issues with this, and is this something that you can change/update?
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Verso Cards are credit card-sized wallets for Bitcoin, which allow you to carry your digital currency wherever you go with utmost security. The front of the card reveals the address of your card, encoded in the form of a QR code. This allows people to send you Bitcoin with any wallet software. The back of Verso Card holds a strongly encrypted version of your private key, one that can only be ... Bitcoin.org è un progetto finanziato dalla comunità, le donazioni sono apprezzate e utilizzate per migliorare il sito web. ... anche noto come "indirizzi bc1" Alcuni portafogli bitcoin e servizi non supportano ancora l'invio e/o la ricezione da o verso indirizzi Bech32. Hardware Wallet × Hardware Wallet: Some wallets can pair and connect to a hardware wallet in addition to being able to ... Create Bitcoin Wallet. The app. Manage your card by simply scanning its private side with your smartphone. Verso Wallet is available on iOS and Android. Real-time Instantaneously send money anywhere in the world! Share your address in no time or simply monitor in- and out-going transactions live. Multi-currency Choose your preferred currency for transactions. Security is our priority. Don’t ... bitcoin, cards, carte, debit card . Partiamo da alcune premesse: Il Bitcoin è stato creato come metodo di trasferimento di valore/moneta alternativo alle banche e in generale all’uso di intermediari. Viene spesso definito trust-less perchè non viene posta la totale fiducia su un ente terzo per la gestione e uso dei propri fondi/guadagni. Nel campo Bitcoin ci sono comunque diversi servizi ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 9. No need to wait for your Verso Card to arrive in order to try it. Download Verso Wallet app, and play with it immediately using our Tutorial page! Close. 9. Posted by. u/versocards. 5 ...

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