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8 times of online appreciation, only GFS will rise in 2020

8 times of online appreciation, only GFS will rise in 2020
GFS over 8 times in two weeks!
With the continuous improvement of blockchain technology status, digital currency is being sought after by investors, bitcoin, Ethereum and other major mainstream currencies are rising, the certificate GFS of Forbes, the blockchain 4.0 cross chain protocol system, has also broken by $0.8, and the GFS online has increased by more than 8 times in less than two weeks, becoming the best investment target worthy of 2020!
■ global financial market downturn, digital currency is good
The financial market in 2020 can be described as double hot and cold days, with a sudden outbreak of a new crown epidemic and frequent black swans. In March, the U.S. stock market fused four times in 10 days, the Brazilian stock index fused, the Canadian S & P / TSX stock index fused, the crude oil futures fell to a negative number, and the panic of investors spread in the financial markets of various countries.
On the other hand, through a series of major events such as the Fed's interest rate cut, the global outbreak, and the stock market circuit breaker, the risk aversion of digital currency is becoming more and more obvious. In terms of supervision, under the favorable national policies of the United States, Singapore, Japan, India and other countries, the digital currency is being sought after by investors.
■ GFS up to 800%, or the first 100 times in 2020
All of the above have laid the foundation for a new round of bull market of digital currency, with major mainstream currencies rising one after another. In 2020, the well deserved king of digital assets is cross chain commercial blockchain Forbes, whose token GFS has been online for less than two weeks, has risen more than eight times, surpassing all mainstream digital assets.
The rise of GFS is nothing more than normal. A good digital asset, in addition to having excellent technology, its blockchain itself must solve practical problems, as an incentive means of digital assets to have value. Bitcoin provides a secure and stable decentralized bookkeeping system, while BTC, as the digital asset of bitcoin blockchain, is used as bookkeeping fee, so BTC can be the number one in digital currency. BTC has a stable use and use scenario, and the rise is natural.
■ Growth Logic of GFS
From a technical point of view, Forbes brings a brand-new blockchain financial ecology, which creates a truly usable cross chain ecology, helps traditional industries, especially the financial industry, realize chain reform, and makes various commercial applications run smoothly on Forbes. The core technology of Forbes is cross chain.
Great projects must have great genes. Forbes is co sponsored by cryptopunk members and some Wall Street practitioners. As we all know, Nakamoto, the initiator of bitcoin, is from cryptopunk forum. In addition, Wikileaks founder Assange is also from cryptopunk. Forbes team recognized that in the current blockchain field, due to the status quo of isolated islands between chains, the blockchain financial business could not be carried out. Cross chain is the top priority.
From the strategic layout shown in the Forbes white paper, GFS clearly has long-term investment value. At present, GFS has created typical applications including: Forbes cross chain protocol, dpoc mining machine, Forbes Global Mining pool, one-stop digital asset storage management wallet Forbes wallet, etc. Any of these combined with the cross chain technology breakthrough of Forbes will give birth to a new and solid landing to realize the benign circulation of GFS in the ecosystem.
In the future, the great ecosystem of blockchain business application will be built on the basis of Forbes, including but not limited to decentralized exchanges, blockchain securities market, supply chain, payment management consumption application, lending, food, clothing, housing and so on.
■ infinite GFS potential, thousands of times of value
At present, the global financial assets have encountered black swan, and the overall market is relatively low. However, Forbes' new ecosystem across the region has demonstrated its ability to resist risks. As one of the most anticipated projects in 2020, GFS has obvious advantages over other projects. First of all, GFS is not a one click token. As the fuel consumed in the cross chain process, GFS uses dpoc, a common algorithm for hard disk mining. The total amount is constant 21 million, no additional issue is allowed! No team pre excavation! GFS is 100% mineral currency, and the biggest feature of mineral currency is the anchoring mining cost. For example, the current price of bitcoin is 8500u. A large part of the reason is that the mining machine, power and other costs are 7000u. The digital currency with the support of calculation is really valuable.
Secondly, we should mention the ecological application of GFS. According to the project white paper, GFS's main uses are:
  1. Main chain gas. It's easy to understand that any node transferring money on the GFS blockchain needs to pay gas just like bitcoin, which is a long-term demand. As Forbes blockchain involves cross chain, transfer between main networks is indispensable, and the daily gas fee is absolutely not low.
  2. Cross chain gas, that's great. To initiate cross chain transfer, cross chain transaction and cross chain data transmission on Forbes, the nodes need to pay part of GFS as cross chain gas. Many Xiaobai don't understand the value of cross chain landing. Let's give a random example: the exchange. At present, the exchange is generally centralized, and it needs to pay a handling fee for one purchase and one sale, which is very high (22-55). Therefore, several large domestic exchanges have made a lot of money. However, if the cross chain transaction is decentralized through Forbes' cross chain system, the handling fee only needs to be paid once, and the fee is only 1 / 100 to 1 / 1000 of the current fee, which will bring a revolution to the exchange from abroad. How much revenue will Forbes get from this alone? Let alone the handling fees of financial derivatives such as futures and options. The realization of cross chain is likely to unify the encrypted financial market. Think of Ethereum, because of the creation of smart contracts, the price has doubled 10000 times in five years. How about cross chain GFS? I can't imagine.
  3. DAPP fees, it is self-evident that DAPP will replace the centralized app in the future. The reason why DAPP can't develop now is obvious. It can't cross the chain! Can DAPP over Ethernet be switched to EOS? Can users on both sides use the same set of account books? No, it needs to be solved by Forbes cross chain protocol. Similarly, Forbes charges a small fee for GFS. But in such a large market, there is definitely a lot of money.
  4. In addition to the application of GFS, the mining pool has the function of early securities pass, that is, holding GFS would like to have the mining pool income dividend, what is the point? Bitcoin. At present, the number one digital asset is a solid hard currency.
Not to mention the influence of cross chain stable currency kusd and the high-speed growth brought by the small amount of circulation in the early stage of the project. Forbes will land on at least 10 secondary market exchanges in 2020, according to officials. In 2021, it will be listed in one of the three exchanges. At present, one of the three exchanges has reached in-depth cooperation with Forbes. The global ecosystem on the chain, as well as the real industry in the distribution, have become the support of GFS value. Therefore, GFS currently shows a far higher yield than other currencies. According to the professional estimates of rating agencies, the growth rate of GFS this year is about 180 - 900 times.
It is worth noting that, according to the latest official news, the Forbes miner alliance plan has been launched. In the early nodes, Forbes mining pool can be set up, free participation in computing lease, zero cost mining and GFS reward can be obtained. It only needs to mortgage a certain amount of deposit, and the deposit is returned through the smart contract every day, and the income of 2.8 times the amount of deposit is obtained. To form a group of miners, you can also get corresponding recommendation rewards.
Within two weeks after the launch, it has soared more than 8 times, representing that Forbes cooperative enterprises and communities are all optimistic about its future performance. In fact, Forbes technology has been highly recognized by global communities, nodes, global mining pools and head exchanges. The popularity of Forbes is expanding step by step. Forbes has ignited the enthusiasm of the community and investors. The liquidity in the ecosystem is developing well, and its value is expected to be thousands of times.

2020, Forbes, only up!
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Bitcoin Halving & the Step to Maturation

Bitcoin Halving & the Step to Maturation
It’s about a week to the long-expected Bitcoin halving.
You can easily find a counting down page by visiting the website of any exchange, online magazine or data aggregator. Yes — everybody is waiting for it.

Source: Bitcoin Block Half
It’s an event that brings both predictability and uncertainty.

What is Predictable?

Bitcoin was designed as a deflationary currency with a 21 million fixed supply, like gold. Over time, the issuance of bitcoins will decrease and thus become scarcer.
When it was first created, 50 Bitcoins per block were given as a reward to the miners. After every 210,000 blocks are mined (approximately every 4 years), the block reward halves and will keep on halving until the block reward per block becomes 0 (approximately by year 2140).
At about 06:18 UTC on May 12, 2020 (as of writing), the block rewards of Bitcoin will drop from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

What is Uncertain?

As is shown in this chart, we can note a significant price jump after each halving.
But will this time turn out to be a different story when both the stock market and the crypto market are much more volatile than usual due to the global COVID-19 pandemic?
The past few months saw a big shakeout in the crypto market due to the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. On March 12, the Bitcoin price dumped 40% touching $3,800 within the day, marking a Black Thursday of the year.
The stock market went through a severe crash too. The US stock market triggered the “circuit breaker” four times within 10 days.
Just recently, the Bitcoin price soared above $9,000 and has now retraced to $8,864 at the time of writing, according to the statistics on CoinMarketCap.
Nobody knows for sure how things will be when the halving happens. Will the Bitcoin price be even more volatile or will it stabilize?

2020 Bitcoin Maturity Test

According to the Bloomberg Crypto Outlook (April 2020 Edition), the increasing futures open interest, declining volatility and relative outperformance despite the stock-market shakeout this year indicates Bitcoin is maturing from a speculative crypto asset toward a digital version of gold.

Increasing futures open interest

Source: skew
The number of Bitcoin futures contracts outstanding listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has recovered significantly from the March lows, indicating a resurgence in institutions that want to buy the cryptocurrency. The high volume also represents taming of the highly speculative bull market.

Declining Volatility

Source: Bloomberg
This graphic shows that the correlation between Bitcoin and gold has jumped to the highest since 2010, twice that of equities, suggesting that Bitcoin is now divorcing equities and joining gold.

Bitcoin Outperformed Stock Market

Apart from that, Bitcoin is becoming less of a risk-on asset. In the first quarter of 2020, Bitcoin remained up about 9% when the S&P 500 showed a correction of 20%.

To Sum Up

2020 marks a key test for Bitcoin’s transition from speculative asset to the crypto market’s version of gold. We believe that the first-born crypto will pass the test to move towards a mature gold-like asset.
At Leverj, we are working actively on the decentralized derivatives market including Bitcoin perpetuals which is expected to be launched in a couple of months.
Visit to enjoy our zero-fee trading for a limited period of time as of now. Follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group to stay tuned for our updates.
Please keep in mind
US Persons are not allowed to trade on Leverj. Users from sanctioned countries or Specially Designated National (SDN) as per OFAC are also not allowed to use the system.
Before you trade, please make sure you are legally permitted to trade cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and any other instruments offered on this platform from your home jurisdiction.
Nothing in this article constitutes an offer, solicitation, or investment advise.
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[H] Steam Account w/ $1600 USD in Games [W] Paypal Offers, TF2 ITEMS, CS:GO ITEMS

For those looking for a complete list of games, here it is. If you are interested, dm me. Abscond Ace of Spades Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Alice's Patchwork Alien Hostage Alien Invaders Aqua Fish Archery Blast Armada Skies Bad Rats Batman - The Telltale Series Battle Ranch Bitcoin Farm Borderlands 2 Brick Breaker Ultimate Broadside Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops III Carrier Command: Gaea Mission CastleMiner Z Christmas Race Clickdraw Clicker Color Circle Cortex Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Source Cube Master: Light Adventure Cubic Color DARK SOULS™ III Dead Realm Dead6hot Deadpool Dean Daimon The Deer Demon robot runner Deponia: The Complete Journey Desolate Wastes: Vendor Chronicles A Detective's Novel Dialing Dima Rescues Ira Dodge DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon Dream Pinball 3D Dungeon of Zolthan Dying Light Earth 2140 HD Earth 2150 Trilogy Earth 2160 Electric Circuit Elements II: Hearts of Light Enclave Endless Space The Escapists Euro Truck Simulator 2 Existentia Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Fallen Fantasy Wars Fluffy Creatures VS The World Gang Beasts Garry's Mod Genius Calculator God Game : The Oddysey Gold 2D Gorky 17 Gravity Ball Greyfox GRID 2 Hammer 2 Hangover Head Shot Heaven Island - VR MMO Heil Heroes Hero Quest: Tower Conflict House of Caravan Hunter's Grimm The I of the Dragon Idolzzz Infinity Escape Infinity Trip Insurgency Introvert Quest Invasion: Brain Craving Iron Sky Invasion Jack Orlando Director's Cut Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire JUMP STOP Jump! Jump! Jump! Kamikaze Cube Kingdom: Classic Knight Fighter Knights and Merchants KnightShift Labyronia RPG Labyronia RPG 2 The Last Birdling The Last Hope Legend of Mysteria The Lego® Movie - Videogame Lego® Star Wars™ III: The Clone Wars Lego® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Lego® The Hobbit™ Loot Hero DX Lost in the Forest Lost Moon Lost with Dinosaurs Lozenge Magic Chess Marble Mayhem: Fragile Ball METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Montaro Mount Your Friends Mountain Crime: Requital Munin Neon Drive No Time To Explain Remastered Nuclear Contingency - Occult Raise - Octave OldFactory Operation Desert Road Organ Biker Out There Somewhere Outlast Outrage PAYDAY 2 Pikuniku Pirates Deck Planets Under Attack Plazma Being Portal Portal 2 Project Starship PulseCharge Purgatory Race Radical Spectrum: Volume 1 Raft Red Death Rescue Team 5 Reset 1-1 RoBoRumble Rocket League ROGALIK Rolling Sun Samudai See No Evil Septerra Core ShellShock Live Sid Meier's Civilization VI Sins of the Demon RPG Sky Jump Sniper Elite V2 Solar System Sonic Mania Sos i Pie Sos Space Beret Space Googy Space Rocket Space Way Spaceguy 2 SpeedRunners Spheroid Spinning Around Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now Squirbs Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) StarForge StepX Stickman Destruction 2 Stickman Jetpack Storms of Spears A Story About My Uncle Super Happy Singh Tabletop Simulator Three Heroes Through Blocks Tiny Bridge: Ratventure Tower Defense Sudden Attack TOXIC PLUMBING Trigonometry Trivia Vault Baseball Trivia Trivia Vault Basketball Trivia Trivia Vault Football Trivia Trivia Vault Olympics Trivia Trivia Vault: 1980's Trivia Trivia Vault: 1980's Trivia 2 Trivia Vault: Art Trivia Trivia Vault: Auto Racing Trivia Trivia Vault: Boxing Trivia Trivia Vault: Business Trivia Trivia Vault: Celebrity Trivia Trivia Vault: Classic Rock Trivia Trivia Vault: Classic Rock Trivia 2 Trivia Vault: Health Trivia Deluxe Trivia Vault: Mini Mixed Trivia Trivia Vault: Mini Mixed Trivia 2 Trivia Vault: Mini Mixed Trivia 3 Trivia Vault: Mini Mixed Trivia 4 Trivia Vault: Mixed Trivia Trivia Vault: Science & History Trivia Trivia Vault: Science & History Trivia 2 Trivia Vault: Super Heroes Trivia Trivia Vault: Super Heroes Trivia 2 Trivia Vault: Technology Trivia Deluxe Trivia Vault: Video Game Trivia Deluxe The Troma Project Tumblestone Turn Around Two Worlds II Castle Defense Two Worlds: Epic Edition Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade Volstead Walhall War Hunter Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine WayOut Woodle Tree Adventures World War II: Panzer Claws World War III: Black Gold X-Blades Youtubers Click Zombie Murder

Zombie Murder Hell Arrives

Total: $1599.73
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"Small Miners" who might be hurt by larger blocks don't exist

Many are familiar with the litany of misconceptions being used to make small blocks seem reasonable in Bitcoin. Under the current censorship regime they seem to multiply like vermin, so it bears squashing one now and again with cold hard facts to help keep you sane. Here's squashing another:
There are no small miners anymore
At least, not in the way you think.
One complaint I've heard over and over is "what about the costs bigger blocks will have on small miners? Won't that cause centralization pressure in mining?"
The thinking here is: were bitcoin to grow wildly successful with a big-block growth policy, eventually the computers that run the miner's node will start to be as expensive as the miners they're running. Large node costs favor larger miners because they're amortized over a larger hashrate. Eventually, it will be so expensive that you'll have just one miner in one datacenter and then bitcoin is no better than PayPal (that old refrain).
To small blockers, this great evil was made even more apparent Craig_S_Wright dropped his "$20,000 computer to run bitcoin" comment. How could anybody afford $20,000? That's so much money!
Like most arguments for small blocks, it all sounds logical until you actually look at the numbers involved.
Solo vs. Pool Mining
You don't solo mine unless you have enough hashpower to overcome block volatility. Solo mining is the most hair-raising experience. Are your miners working? Are they solving hashes? What if you get orphaned? Is your node down? Is someone attacking you? Where are the blocks today? Can I solve enough blocks this week to pay my electric bill? Etc. etc.
Its much less hair raising the more hashpower you have. At around 5% of the network hashpower you're mining 7.2 blocks a day - a healthy cadence that keeps you sane, and can help you spot trouble where your automated systems might miss it.
If you have less than 1% of the hashpower, you're almost certainly pool mining: otherwise the volatility is just too much. You connect to the pool of your choice over stratum, and mine together with others. You aren't running a full network node to do this (the pool you choose takes a portion of the reward to run one on your behalf).
So the "small" miners who might be hurt by larger blocks run between 1% and 5% of the network. Any smaller than that and they're pool mining, any larger and they're not a small miner anymore.
How much might bigger blocks harm small miners? How much does $20,000 (our worst-case scenario) compare to their other costs and capital outlays? If we found it was some large percentage, say 5%, or even 1%, there's a reasonable argument to be made that big blocks disproportionately harm small miners, and we should take these arguments seriously.
How much does it actually cost to buy enough equipment to own 1% of the bitcoin hashrate?
That's right. Twenty One Million Dollars. Do the math yourself: an Antminer S9 costs $3,600 today (less if you wait, but the hashrate is growing) and you need about 6,100 of them to own 1% of the bitcoin network (this number is growing daily).
That's just the miners! You also need a building, cooling fans, 8MW worth of utility transformers, cable, labor to install everything, circuit breakers, etc. etc. etc.
Remember that crazy $20,000 worst-case node that seemed insanely expensive?
$20,000 is a rounding error in comparison with $21,000,000. It's literally less that 0.1%.
Even a $20,000 node wouldn't measurably increase a small miner's costs
How does this cost compare to some other costs a "small" miner might encounter?
If you've bought $21M of equipment from China, you could easily spend more than $20,000 fat-fingering the customs forms. With that much hashrate on the line you lose $20,000 for every 5 hours your miners are delayed in shipping (or installation, or turn-on, or whatever). Takes an extra day to install the last 20% of your miners? That just cost you $20,000 right there. Forgot to buy spare power supplies and 1% of the ones you had failed? Probably cost you more than $20,000.
The numbers you're dealing with here as even a "small" miner are just huge.
Which just goes to show:
There's no such thing as a small miner anymore
At lease not one that would be impacted by larger blocks.
What about small pools, eh? Wouldn't they face centralization pressure?
The same economics works for pools as it does for miners. Pools with less than 5% of the hashrate struggle with volatility just like small solo miners.
If you're running a pool that's handling 1% of the network's hashrate, you have $3,000,000 a month worth of BTC flowing through that place. The lease on a $20,000 computer is what, $1,000 a month? That's 0.03% of your revenue. Almost anything you do will effect your pool's profitability more than that.
So if you're like me and aren't convinced that cost increase numbers like 0.1% and 0.03% represent measurable centralization pressure, take solace in knowing that you're not alone in finding that whole class of arguments ridiculous.
Indeed, those of use who aren't innumerate agree with you.
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Bitcoin from a financial perspective...couple of thoughts.

I have a decent financial background and have run my own business for the past decade or so. Couple of BTC thoughts to folks without any financial background.
1) Bitcoin trades live, globally, 24/7/365 - this is unlike the vast majority of other investment mechanisms. Most markets have set open/close times and even "circuit breakers" to stop trading when there is too much volatility. With bitcoin you see truly organic, unfettered trading. A huge positive once folks eventually get used to it.
2) Regulation is a good thing - you should get tax statements (which requires some localized government oversight), you should pay for your mining electricity. For BTC to ever hit mainstream (like being used on Amazon or Alibaba) this needs to happen. Most "negative" news I see typically refers to this...long term it's a positive.
3) The behind the scenes on BTC is massive...miners, coders, brokers, atm operators, vendors, users. When we find our center and can cap volatility to 10% a quarter we're going to be a part of something truly amazing on a global scale.
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Minted our first bitcoin this morning! Took about 18 hours (Butterfly Labs Mini Rig SC 500 GH/s)
We're using the Butterfly Labs 500 GH/s Mini Rig.
Might as well do a small review -- the hardware itself is temperamental. For example, ours showed up with the unresponsive Nexus tablet on the front panel. Dealing with Butterfly is a total shit sandwich given the rip-and-run state of the overall business, so I had to figure out how to bypass the internal routing and have a laptop be the brains of the operation.
After a couple of days of messing with usb drivers, which refused to stand up on Windows 7, I finally got the laptop to recognize all 8 modules. However, I could not start mining due to an error starting the bfg miner task from the inside of their Easy Miner application. I tried to force bfg via the command line, and it finally worked, although the hash rate was atrocious.
Another day or so, and I had the rig mining. The hardware recognition issue was due to me not giving the laptop enough time to kick ALL modules on. It takes a good 2-3 minutes for all usb notifications to stop bleep-blooping. The hash rate was in the 470 GH/s area, which was perfect, but then the modules started to shut themselves off due to overheating at 83 C. The log would show how the unit was taking down hot modules and then kicking them back on non-stop. The ambient temp in the room is around 75. I played with positioning, fan speeds, to no avail. The hash rate at that point dropped into the 400s, and my 15 amp circuit breakers started to get tripped. This went on for a little, and then I permanently blew one of them and had to pick some up at the Home Depot. But hey, it only took a single trip :)
So then I got a 5200 BTU A/C unit, mounted it in the window, and positioned the rig in front of it. That seemed to fix the breaker-tripping and overheating issues. It runs at low 70s C during the day and low 60s C at night. I am now making custom funnels out of thermal foam board to vent exhaust heat outside and also connect the 11" AC opening to the 16"x16" intake area of the rig (looks something like this). The unit generates a lot of heat, no joke. I bet when the weather gets colder, it can serve as a furnace for this side of the house. If you're wondering why I'm talking about it still not being cold outside in November, I'm in Texas. It's really beautiful right now, high of 75 and sunny.
Also, the noise ... how could I forget about the noise. It sounds like a server room. There's 18 fans, plus PSU fans, and they are quite loud. Don't expect to inconspicuously set this rig in the corner of your living room.
It's been on for over 24 hours now, uninterrupted. To the moon!
Timestamp,Core Temp,AC ON/OFF,Total Mined (BTC)
11/1/2013 12:00 PM,80 C,OFF,0.00
11/3/2013 3:30 PM,73 C,OFF,1.78
11/4/2013 2:05 PM,75 C,ON,2.28
11/5/2013 11:00 AM,75 C,ON,2.74
11/6/2013 5:00 PM,70 C,OFF,3.18
11/7/2013 12:00 PM,79 C,OFF,3.53
11/8/2013 5:00 PM,70 C,OFF,4.03
11/13/2013 11:00 PM,68 C,OFF,6.01
11/18/2013 5:00 PM,78 C,OFF,7.69
11/23/2013 11:00 AM,66 C,OFF,9.21
11/26/2013 8:00 PM, 62 C,OFF,10.41
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Moved post: Mining ETC, electrical, considering to downscale mining?

This is a long post...I had to move this post from mining to miningrig. So hopefully this post is in the correct forum: MiningRig.
Ok so I think I may be freaking out a bit. Maybe for nothing? Well my 6 card mining rig is drawing 660watts per Hive OS from the cards and from the total rig, probably 750-760 watts. I'm only mining ETC. I also have a kill a watt meter and measured it form the wall. The outlet below it has another power surge protector with my xbox one x, 27 inch asus rog strix monitor, and two rokit 5 speakers sitting nearby my mining rig. I measured the watts with all of the xbox stuff on and it draws roughly 125-130 watts. Is this ok? I’m mining in my living room that also has the 65" 4K TV with a xbox one S and Apple TV connected to it. Not sure how much power is drawing from this set up but I assume not as much as the mining rig.
I guess I’m also worried because I’m getting AC installed brand new in my home in the next couple of weeks. One downstairs is 36,000 BTUs and upstairs is 12,000 BTUs. With this, I hope I’m not overloading the electrical system.
I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into mining and just used that money to buy more bitcoin. FML.
I’m wondering if I should sell 2 of my 1070s and just keep two 1070s and two 1080 Ti’s that I have running right now. Or just keep them all and use the two 1070s and build my family a gaming computer with SLI. lol. I’m not hurting for the money, but thinking if maybe cool to build them a gaming computer.
Or better yet, I’ll give them to my brother in law and my father in law to upgrade their gaming computer! THEN that would be priceless because that would put me on their favorite list. lol
Ultimately I've been thinking for a couple days now...Its been real miners! Gonna just keep my two 1080 Ti’s and sell off my 4 1070s. Too paranoid about straining the eletrical supply on the house and risking a fire or damage on a 15A circuit. I’m selling two 1070s and giving the other two to my father in law and brother in law as a Christmas gift lol. The two 1080’s, I’ll keep it on my mining rig running with the ethenlargementpill to contribute to the space, while safely mining without straining my home’s electrical system especially since I’m having a large split duct AC unit installed in the next few weeks. With the rest of the potential gain in coins, I’ll just continue to buy from Abra and collect that ETC and BTC!
I know I know, I spent money on this rig, thus I am going to keep the other components along with the two 1080 Ti’s to still take part in mining, but at a lower scale. The two 1080 Ti’s with the eth pill will be running at 160 watts each, add on 90-100 watts for the rig components, that’ll come out to rougly 420 watts total coming from one circuit. Along with my xbox one x set up (135 watts), other xbox one X connected to the Samsung 65" TV (245 watts?), bose cinemate 15 (300 watts per mfcr specs), 8 LED light bulbs (13 watts each) in the living room. Plus a few fans in the same living room. With the upcoming split duct AC unit, it’ll probably be an overload in this one area. But then again I’ll leave the AC unit issue to the installers. We got this house built brand new in 2005 and we never had AC installed until now because its gotten so hot/humid here in Hawaii. However, when I looked at my circuit breaker panel, looks like the AC unit will have its own dedicated circuit with a 30 amp circuit (per the panel door with the sticker showing which circuit switch goes to what) and this wil be installed by my HVAC company and their electrician so maybe I could ask him about leaving my mining rig with current cards in running 24/7 and using my AC unit with our 25 photovoltaic panels being installed on the roof since the mining rig will be on its separate circuit of 15 amps per the circuit breaker panel.
Otherwise I’ll continue to mine with the 4 1070 cards, throw one of the 1080 Tis into my gaming PC to do a SLI set up, and throw the third 1080 Ti into another gaming computer later down the road.
I could hire an electrician to inspect and upgrade to the power system. Then I thought about it and it maybe best to just give the 1070s away to family as a awesome Christmas gift and just continue to buy coins.
Dam guys, this mining adventure has been fun but short lived for me because of the extraneous variables that came up after the fact. I was stupid to not look further into the eletrical situation. But then again, I learned my lesson and learned how to mine and how to build rig. I believe I should be safe by running the two 1080 Tis alone…that’ll be 320 watts plus the rig parts (100watts) = 420 watts, which is well under the recommended limit of continuous electrical power use through my living room circuit even with the other mentioned electrical stuff in that living room.

Wait!! Before I give away or sell anything, just want to see if what I did is right. It seems my rig is connected to my backyard/Lanai switch on the circuit panel. My max AMP per my circuit breaker panel for the house is 125 amps and this rig is using is now using 760 watts (current max power draw limit set on HIVE OS to 660 watts for all 6 cards) including the +100 watts estimated for rig parts. When I was testing out the circuit panel to see which switch belongs to which, it seems my entertainment center with the large TV and xbox and Bose home theater is connected on a different switch.
Thus, everything in front of my living room turns off when I turn off one switch and the other switch turns off the back of the living room and outside lanai lights (which has flood lights we barely use).
Next to my rig in the back living room is my xbox one x set up with monitor and speakers drawing 135 watts. Along with my google wifi router (9 watt power consumption), netgear CM500 cable modem (18 watts based on 1.5amp x 12volts), three 13 watt light bulbs (39 watts), Bionaire tower fan (40 watts), Vornado large fan (68 watts).
Majority of the time I don’t have the xbox system on continuously, only on some nights when playing online with BF1. I don’t have all 3 light bulbs on continuously, mostly the one floor lamp with one bulb on at night. But if I did have everything on, I would be drawing about 74% of that 1440 watt limit.
Also, I’m thinking about just leaving the mining rig on during the day while I’m at work for about 8-10 hours and when I come home, turn it off so that I can freely use my xbox system and other things connected around this area of the house without worrying about the mining rig along with the other stuff here drawing too much power on the circuit. Thus, the rig would be working for 8-10 hours a day and also when I leave the house for trips and such, I’ll leave the mining rig on while away since someone will always be home but not be in my man space. Since this is a hobby, I’m thinking of just doing this and turning it off at night so I don’t have to deal with worry about the overload electricity use and the awful heat thats created right behind me.
Despite this strategy, today I decided to turn it off while I'm at work for 8 hrs just in case something happens and then when I come home, I'll turn the miner back on to mine for 12 hours overnight then turn it off in the morning again. I wanted some input from you guys before I go back to leaving my miner on 24/7 again which I never ran into any problems with when I had 5 cards (four 1070 and one 1080 Ti), but now that I added one more 1080 Ti to max out the 6 card capacity on my mining rig, I got really worried about the electrical use. I toned down the power draw watts to 90 watts per 1070 card and 150 per 1080Ti card. I do notice that the 1080Ti works optimally with 160 watts with the ethenlargement pill.
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IBM 2880W PSU/Breakout Boards - *NEW* Package deals for T9/S9 & A7

Please see here for IBM 4K PSU packages:
Please see here for GPU rig powering packages with all adapters necessary to run rigs off these PSU's!
The "Get Me Going" Package
(Tell the wife her dryer now runs on 12V and has blinking lights and loud fans) Simply add a C19 cable. - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 10x 24" PCIe cables
The "Double A (AntmineAvalon)" Package
Enough to power 2x Antminer S9's for as cheap as possible - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 20x 24" PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Royale With Cheese" Package
(Perfect to run 2x Antminer S9's, mixing and matching lengths for flexibility and value.) - 1x 2880W PSU - 1x Breakout board - 11x 24" PCIe cables - 11x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 1x C19 power cable of choice (see below for stock)
The "Pimp Daddy" Package (Add a 50A circuit and go big, with PDU included for clean, simple & safe install) - 3x 2880W PSU - 3x Breakout boards - 1x 40A 4-port PDU with breakers for each circuit - 30x 24" PCIe cables - 30x 36" Deluxe PCIe cables - 3x C19 power cables of choice (see below for stock)
Boards and cables ship from Canada, PSU's ship domestically in the US to save on shipping and any potential duty/taxes at the border.
Individual pricing Note: Bulk pricing is available, please contact me.
Board price - $65 each.
PSU (Refurbished) - IN STOCK. Includes ground shipping within the US.
I can supply PCI cables in two different configurations:
-36" Deluxe, high quality 16awg made in USA- $4.50 each (IN STOCK)
-24" standard 16 AWG cables - $2.50 each (IN STOCK)
C19 to C20 cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 5-15P cable (14awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
C19 to NEMA 6-20P (12awg, 1.6M) - $12 each
40A continuous-rated PDU (requires 50A circuit): $120
24A continuous-rated PDU (requires 30A circuit): $60
60A 3-Phase Delta current-monitored PDU with remote access: $350
I have started to offer leasing packages for use in approved Data Centre/Co-locations. This can be beneficial for many reasons:
-Less upfront capital required, allowing more to be spent on additional mining hardware which can offset much or all of the cost of the lease
-Limits risk and cost of equipment failure, and associated down time due to failures
-Saves shipping costs for heavy PSU's to and from hosting location for duration of your contract
-No equipment depreciation
-Helps eliminate ownership problems associated with Group Buys, when more than 1 member shares purchase price of PSU to host together
-All maintenance, replacement, shipping, setup, and lost revenue from down-time due to PSU failure is my responsibility
Please contact me for details.
Shipping will be calculated individually, to make sure you are getting the best rate. All prices are in USD. I am willing to accept escrow through OGNasty, and can also do Paypal but buyer will be responsible for covering costs of either services (4% added to paypal, OG charges 1% for escrow).
Each package of PSU, breakout board & 10x PCI cables is approximately 16 lbs.
The BTC address for all non-escrow breakout board orders is here: 1GWQYCv22cAikgTgT1zFuAmsJ9fFqq9TXf I will not PM you asking for payments to any other address, so beware of F1nksy, Fink5y, or whatever scammy names might pop up.
Original Post:
Hi everyone,
I am the official North American distributor of Break-out boards for the IBM 2880W Bladecenter H PSU's, which are 80+ platinum rated (94%+ efficient) Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT and have provision for 22x PCI-E cables. Unlike other server boards, these don't rely on screw-down terminals and bare wires which can get loose and spark causing fire hazards, and limit the exposure of live contacts to surfaces above and below the PSU. Instead these use a double-sided PCI 6 pin cable, which only cost about $0.10 more than the standard PCI-6 to bare wire versions. Also, unlike the DPS-2000BB -which is the next largest server PSU available for miners- these have fans already built-in, so don't need extra work to set up up and deploy.
The PSU's themselves are available on e-bay and elsewhere (I sell them as well), and the boards will be priced at US $70 $65 each (better pricing for bulk purchase, volume structure will be the same as J4bberwock's). Each PSU can handle 2x Antminer S7's, 3x SP20's, 5 Antminer S5's, or 8 Antminer S3's. You won't find better value for power, and there are very few ATX-based PSU's that provide 80+ platinum efficiency (and none for under $200 for even 700-800 watts). Edit: UN-VERIFIED AT THIS POINT Lastly, unlike ATX-based PSU's, these can be run at (and I have found even over) their rated power, as they were designed that way for server use. They do, however, require 240V input. Also, running these over at over 90% load will give you slightly decreased efficiency, and could affect their reliability.
I have personally taken 3x SP20's to settings around 960 watts (at ports, not at wall) each for approximately 2 weeks, and the PSU drew 13.41 amps (@ 235 volts - 3150 watts @ wall). So at absolute full load (or possibly over), these will still hold over 90% efficiency. Very impressive, and I will be testing different fans to reduce sound for home mining (fans on these PSU's are slightly louder & higher pitched than SP20 fans). Sloopy informed me that he ran 11x Antminer S3's on a PSU for a while (over 3,300W DC!), but that is certainly not recommended, and will eventually cause the PSU to fail. It is simply a testament to how tough these PSU's truly are, and that spikes over their rated output shouldn't affect performance.
Here are some pictures:
Feel free to contact the developer of these boards if you have any concerns, he will verify that I am authorized to sell these.;u=206446
Here is the spec sheet with efficiency rating:
Thank you for your time,
J'observe qu'il y a plusieurs Québécois sur se forum. Mon Francais est au niveau primaire mais je peux communiquer sans probleme.
Me gusta mucho aprender español, y tengo un conocimiento muy básico (con traductores). Pruebame, si eres paciente
Here is my PGP key for anyone wishing to send their personal information encrypted:
Code:-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2
mQENBFTl/j4BCADw0a0fUisOWh16Yl1/SC8p2vcGoGgV4MwxeaLSoLRdT2437E51 kd5giYj6Ki8ByNTunXBRr01yXplxL1Pp3yTo/GFmNqEm3XwIaq+rRRP6EIKb3U6Y SWSXfeck8J3+HJXrcCEdBA+Hp+ey8Mjg3/eb1ILMld+WKJPPDCQNKK3GJEp7DLtH Rtybq0BCsXou90KxHr37k0MQJY6u6zsM5yl0gpK5dVqZvIOfX+5MGb2hsfilU2cF 9ZJQt72LCwkdcxgRxBGYT6qVZtOoFe5RwI9nxGGRrlsCxG9vAf9sVUxSiY03najM r7qM8hQPGMtn79SLnkkQM4gt7suy3w1SJm6BABEBAAG0G0ZpbmtzeSA8cmZpbmtz NjlAZ21haWwuY29tPokBOQQTAQIAIwUCVOX+PgIbAwcLCQgHAwIBBhUIAgkKCwQW AgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEGhX1pvgBfqVKDEIAJA7ashSYaVUS/HUKB1F2nYEYtf2PlHn EvluHzsrND0XdMkKEI/vavZ4UHfAdFISmFhickLeLwvSI3TotVDtYd7dDkwT3rIs +QJCXMIRDFnyCge7o9DH4HwSWq8tQ+6xsPXBdJANR9kG+RtipatqJv3Yt8wEzYwu ECnkBnpu1rxhMgYGJhgaVNyhAEPKVUPfsFBTEpkQ9YppPFZp99Ahdk8pQoAUBKzQ +++oW7ju3OWBpRluPIWYvYvdfG+d29dAq5iQJBIdm/RCDxw0hidMeOxOqTpi0g55 W+XY5+DrKSnOpHy+LvC0Uss0xGZ0f/pmEDiNuZbJ96ZEL1rYefgfDKO5AQ0EVOX+ PgEIALZgnlkXFcm0jnEY33LWBDkpIihbMM8XAauwi3gS9G/GzqBG+ETq14g2AyW9 6O1TrVFm2Ue/KiT+sl4iekkcRCbjYgkr9eG82l56YazbSRoH84aX3KBx95BMAY96 O2IE52fySYaqj1SBRSgVJSCh1A6Wami/zQhqdND6tk92af4VmSKyR1yWOKqbE/v9 0uPJ+VWA/0CipSUVJS6GZmSfPCeHVTg3YGR2dzRploXl4qrB5leHvOmj2VwW2bzF 6YZKut5uqREJ2euchpyPMg8EMC9QOXPAZxDQMUJAIxTQviShsakGbFd2SrUaKPz/ Sk3Qj1S6ZE9ZgbxMyB9bGMWMa68AEQEAAYkBHwQYAQIACQUCVOX+PgIbDAAKCRBo V9ab4AX6lYqnCACPHiLN8OEyD320N107l2dywIopCBa7ZfTBXPJ5syRuMcyBOXXT 2hZy7YpWr6IrV3foOUNF3rD1ECerj7oYhx7hgkTJe7rM3+mhONZM6beXzgFG+HO3 FCiUz/thif0zkJTAjygmAB1KHNH+0AIcdRsD46N1MsPp5YeN0geF1LE50+4gvtwf W412vGqA5bYwJ8a71Gp8SAR4YWuXKt0FKSp7iCF91pSunbY7VbaqxR0H7LkaKRVZ 9m30OK7Osu396FwYxBIX1UDLMjgfMATYvkzXYvRpPAnStJGmVB/YvcX+9sQeRQE1 BKAtkyAGpzKQZ0TFd94jgevGONQ336QqHF =mRrl -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
I will honour a 10-day return/exchange for PSU's or Boards that are DOA. However, these PSU's are used and although I try to briefly load test them all before sending them out, it is impossible to predict failures. As such, no warranty will be offered beyond what was previously mentioned. If you are looking for more peace of mind, please feel free to source PSU's yourself either new or used.
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of shit.

(This was a rather controversial article posted on and became quite popular, even moving to the top of /bitcoin. It's since been mysteriously edited on the site [maybe by g-g-g-ghosts!] so it's being reposted here for posterity's sake. Some numbers may be off by now, but it was all accurate at the time of posting.)
Butterfly Labs has a long and horrible history with their mining rigs. They started taking pre-orders over a year ago, with a ship time sometime in late July. After numerous delays in production, shipping problems and general incompetence, the only thing they’ve managed to get out the door are some of their tiniest miners, the Jalapenos. And those mainly ended up in the hands of reviewers and blogs in order to keep pumping the Butterfly Labs hype train and securing millions of dollars of pre-orders still in limbo.Lucky BFL forums user Luke-JR however scored a sweet Mini Rig from Butterfly Labs (it’s just a coincidence he’s a driver developer for them I’m sure). This rig was originally promised to produce 1500 GH/s hashing power at 1500 watts for $30,000, but has since seen it’s hashing power slashed to a third of what was promised and it’s power consumption increased 75%, now just offer 500 GH/s at 2400 watts. They’ve promised to make good on pre-order buy sending out 3 rigs to match the initial hashing rate, so now it’s only 1500 GH/s at 6900 watts, a reduction in GH/Watt by a factor of 5.
So what does $22,484 buy you? Take a look!
Minirig is here! Today, my Minirig arrived.
FedEx apparently dropped it somewhere along the way, and the weakest part of the case, the thin metal part around the back of the PSU, broke.
I’m not sure how sturdy the back side was supposed to be, but its two pieces aren’t quite together either.
The power supplies (EVGA 1500W) also created havoc interfering with the neutral on the power line. This disrupted X10 communication significantly enough that the pool overflowed because the system controlling it was unable to turn off the pump. Workaround: This PSU supports 240V, so we rewired the outlet. 240V does not use neutral, so now all should be okay.
Edit: 240V workaround is only partial. Still having problems
But the good news is, it all seems to be working for the most part.
Next up, installing it in the window so the heat goes outside
A twenty two thousand dollar box of electronics that is broken out of the box, that required the guy to do a sketchy electrical workaround to get partially working, that he is going to install in a window… and he’s happy about it?
In case you didn’t notice it, the delivered unit is different than the picture on the website. They had to install 2 power supplies instead of 1 and had to modify the case to fit. Also, if you didn’t notice, the LCD/Phone thingy in the front has been replaced by … a piece of cardboard spray painted black. Wonderful.
You could maybe chalk this up to a careless Fedex postman, but when you’re shipping something that costs as much as a mid-sized sedan, how bought putting a little more effort into packing? Dell and HP can ship bigger and heavier servers across the world without this kind of problem.
The unit had to hit its huge power draw increase by putting dual EVGA consumer grade power supplies in the unit. We’re talking almost a 75 amp load (6*1500/120), disregarding power factor. He could very well overload the circuit panel and trip the main breaker for the house.
Let’s take a look inside this guy.
This is from an earlier version of the Minirig (note the single power supply) This is apparently from an earlier FPGA but it will give you a good glimpse at what kind of craftsmanship you can expect from a computer that is half the average household income in the United States.
Consumer grade PSU and cheap USB hubs glued to the inside case.
Electrical tape and random velcro glued to the insides
A closer look at the USB hubs. Plugs are hot glued to stay secured.
Electrical tape everywhere, splices and voided hardware are the theme.
You can view the entire album here.
Despite all that, this thing can still mine bitcoins and it should be profitable. Keep in ind that many people jumped in on the preorders a year ago when bitcoins were still hovering around $6.50 per. Meaning customers paid 1562 bitcoins for that particular piece of shit, which at today’s value is $156,200. Aston martin money. How long will it take them to make their money back (as apposed to just hanging on to them)? If the difficulty didn’t change, they would make 37 bitcoins a day and recoup the initial investment in 124 days. Difficulty is jumping pretty much 20% every 12 days or so, so in the next week before adjustment, they’ll make 259, the next 12 days 369, the next 12 days 312, then 256, then 213, etc.
So by day 127, they’ll be halfway to breaking even, but by day 151 they’ll be making less than 5 bitcoins a day, and even if difficulty stopped rising at that point(which it won’t), it would take another 435 days for a total of 586 days to break even. If difficulty kept rising at the same pace, by day 200 they’d be making 2.4 bitcoins per day, and it would take 1024 days to break even with no difficulty increase. Assuming 25 cents per kw/h, and $100 a bitcoin, it would cost 0.43 of a bitcoin per day in electricity which means the unit would no longer be profitable on a power usage basis by day 307, at which point it will have produced 2620 bitcoins.
Bear in mind this is only for the first few units, and that’s running 24/7 pumping out around 24,000 BTU, so yes, medical bills from heat stroke will be on top of that.
But Alas, the chips don’t run nearly as well as they’re supposed to, frequently running too hot and giving multiple hardware failures. Coindesk noted in one of the first ever runs of the Minirig by hosting provide gigavps that it was running much too hot and erroring out.
At the time of posting, gigavps warned that the unit would be repeatedly shut down while ckolivas, who was assisting, modified the machine’s software to optimise performance. After some tweaking, the device was said to have been left to run continuously for two hours, and was shown to have an average hash rate of 478.1 GH/s. As you can see in the table below, ASIC number four (of a total of eight hashing chips) ran significantly hotter (86 degrees) and consequently gave the highest hardware (HW) error rate.
So, what happens if you just decide you don’t want this, you don’t want to wait over a year to get a $22,000 broken piece of shit? Nothing, because BFL won’t let you cancel your preorder because they’re now “shipping”, i.e. they sent out one unit to their own company shill.
Which is of course illegal regardless of what Butterfly Labs may say.
So in summary: Don’t buy anything from Butterfly Labs … ever.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Bitcoin from a financial perspective...couple of thoughts.

The following post by tmiller9833 is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7ujxg2
The original post's content was as follows:
I have a decent financial background and have run my own business for the past decade or so. Couple of BTC thoughts to folks without any financial background.
1) Bitcoin trades live, globally, 24/7/365 - this is unlike the vast majority of other investment mechanisms. Most markets have set open/close times and even "circuit breakers" to stop trading when there is too much volatility. With bitcoin you see truly organic, unfettered trading. A huge positive once folks eventually get used to it.
2) Regulation is a good thing - you should get tax statements (which requires some localized government oversight), you should pay for your mining electricity. For BTC to ever hit mainstream (like being used on Amazon or Alibaba) this needs to happen. Most "negative" news I see typically refers to this...long term it's a positive.
3) The behind the scenes on BTC is massive...miners, coders, brokers, atm operators, vendors, users. When we find our center and can cap volatility to 10% a quarter we're going to be a part of something truly amazing on a global scale.
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The truth behind the Bitcoin Price Collapse

Many rumors are propagating about what caused the Bitcoin Price Collapse. Was it the BitStamp theft, the upcoming US Marshalls auctions or consumers just getting out after suffering declines from $1200 a coin.
I think we can rule out the BitStamp hack as the cause, as the selloff started many hours in advance of the attack. Maybe the hack contributed to the momentum of the fall, but it is not the cause.
IMHO, the real reason for the selloff is much simpler. The price was and is being driven down, simply because it can be. There is just not enough depth, liquidity and price support in the bitcoin exchanges, so its relatively easy for a large volume seller to come in and execute a classic bear raid, driving prices lower and lower until all willing sellers are identified and their bitcoin holdings liquidated. Selling begets selling and an avalanche of selling can be created in any market in which human emotions and market making bots algorithms can be exploited. Traditional equity exchanges have addressed these issues using tools such as the uptick rule and circuit breakers at predetermined levels, to reduce the downward velocity and build barriers to the bear raid robber barrons.
Miners will be under stress at these price points, which means new coins cannot alone support their ongoing costs, forcing them to sell additional coins from their cold storage. So how far will the price fall. Until a floor is found, and that may well be a long way down from here. Or maybe large institutional and wealthy investors will step in, as they appeared to do in the 200 range.
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An up to date guide on mining profitability - make $30 a day passively

Wanna make $30 a day passively? Don't sell your plasma or run annoying software for a minimal amount of money....
look up the profitability of Litecoins.. then invest yourself in one of these
Once you get a 300 MH/s scrypt miner running it can generate over $30 a day. Heres a rough Idea of the math:
Put the purchase on a credit card and you can pay it off while you are using it for profit and build your credit score up...
Once you are making 300$ a week convert it to bitcoins, you can pool mine and auto exchange with
then multiply your bitcoin to $450 with a coinbot, heres a link:
Finally, buy yourself a bitcoin debit visa, heres a link:
load your bitcoins to that... Use at any atm for cash or purchases..
Tips on mining:
Mining is safe if you know what you're doing.. If running any type of serious ming rig that draw a lot of power.. make sure you're main circuit breaker can handle the load on wherever its wired to.. Use a thick wire surge protector to the outlet, thick wire for power supply to surge protector, and if you are going to run thinner wires on your power supply don't run power for 8 mining cards on one wire, spread it out across the power supply, or open the power supply up and put thicker wires in... All of this will prevent heat which will keep miners running efficiently and fire safe... Take the time to keep the miner clean and if any weird noise occurs examine the problem.. dont let it progress.
I learned most of this through trial and error, I'm giving this to you so you don't have to.
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[Follow up post] We broke even on our miner in under a month.

Here's the original post.
I kept up with the data points over the course of the month. The data set at the bottom of the post is showing date/time, core temp, dedicated 5200 BTU AC unit on or off, and total mined at that moment. This is the actual, realistic yield in a residential environment of a BFL 500 G/Hash Mini Rig will all the issues, downtime, overheating, stretches of uninterrupted mining, unexplained low hash rates, maintenance, blown 15 amp breakers, etc.
I know the first two things that anyone can say are 1) you should have just bought bitcoin and could have had four times the coin 2) Butterfly Labs sucks. Let's just get those two out of the way.
As far as #1 is concerned, yes, we could have had 3-4 times the bitcoin if we sunk 10 grand USD into BTC instead of this rig. But there's no regrets. We met some awesome people - fellow miners and enthusiasts, got to experiment with some crazy setups and hardware change-ups, got to build actual AC ducting out of thermal barrier, and learn about other SHA cryptos. The interesting and exhilarating internal life is totally worth some of that magic internet money.
The total house electric bill was around $200, which includes running central air and everything else. BFL is a 3kW unit.
As far as #2, BFL kinda does suck. They shipped late, the front tablet was dead on arrival, and forums didn't seem to be responsive at all. Well, it's the wild west still, I suppose.
A few words for those who think about mining.
  1. Anticipate heat and noise. It's like 34 degrees outside right now, and our uninsulated garage is t-shirt comfortable. Imagine what was going on when it was 80 outside.
  2. Have a way to plug into multiple circuits because you may need 220v. Obviously, it depends on what you're buying, but if you're picking up some of these used BFL beasts, don't expect to plug them into a single outlet and call it a day. You may need two separate breaker circuits, which may mean extension cords running through hallways and rigs going dead when the wife turns on the microwave.
  3. Prepare to never break even. Buy rigs with your play money and don't consider them investments. It may happen that many people cash a few coins out, grab some new 2 T/Hash units early next year, and jack up the difficulty into the stratosphere. The era of garage enthusiasts is largely over.
Questions welcome.
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Should Bitcoin Have Trading Halts or Circuit Breakers ... Bitcoins Erklärung: In nur 12 Min. Bitcoin verstehen ... Stocks and Bitcoin LIVE : Level 1 Circuit Breaker Hit! BLOOD! Crypto Technical Analysis Bitcoin Miner Review Engineering in Mining - Circuit Breakers Certificate ...

October 19, 1987. Better known as Black Monday (now a Showtime original series), it was the worst market crash in US history since Black Tuesday on October 29, 1929, which triggered the Great Depression. On Black Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22.6%, while S&P 500 futures contract... On a recent podcast, Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos discussed the implementation of circuits breakers on Bitcoin. The discussion had a few interesting takes on the same, with one stating that markets are going down not because of the number of hours and not because of the circuit breakers, but because people panic trying to rebalance their risk. A guest on the podcast went on to say ... Channel For Crazy Robinhood Trades + Wall Street Bets Get a free stock on Robinhood: (Make brokerage account within seconds, no The math might work on paper in the sense that a standard 20 AMP circuit in the United States delivers 2400 watts. But in reality it’s not going to happen. How do I know? I was trying to run two Avalon Miners (one 721, one 741) with a total rated power consumption of 2050 watts and I was popping circuit breakers constantly. To make my Bitcoin mining home setup work I ended up moving the ... 1.-Electrical Panel, circuit breakers and electrical outlets designed to operate 20 TerraMiner IV. Adapted to hold the TerraMiner IV. Everything you need to start a respectable bitcoin mining operation. Sistema De Audio Filtrar El Secreto Equipo De Minería Monedas Ingresos Pasivos. Filtrado el secreto de Nvidia: Sistema con 8x silicios para minar criptomonedas. Blog sobre informática e ...

[index] [43563] [10802] [33704] [5437] [36407] [6711] [24447] [40508] [11327] [18443]

Should Bitcoin Have Trading Halts or Circuit Breakers ...

Grüßt euch! In Teil 1 der 6teiligen How to build a Mining Rig Serie zeige ich euch, was ihr für Hardware benötigt und welche ich selbst gekauft habe. Alles W... Bitcoin für Anfänger einfach erklärt! [auf Deutsch] Bitcoin-Börse (erhalte 10€ in BTC) *📱 Sicheres Bitcoin-Wallet... The stock and financial markets are more volatile than ever. This volatility has triggered trading halts, so-called "circuit breakers," that make traders tak... Bitcoin Miner – Our Final Verdict Bitcoin Miner is a legit and highly efficient mining tool. Users have experienced a tremendous time on the app, and you, too, can benefit from using it. The ... Bitcoin (BTC), Gold, Oil, Stocks. Cryptocurrency and Stock Market Technical Analysis and News. #bitcoin #stocks #trading Send a Tip to the Streamer (NOTE: MAKE SURE TO ENTER YOUR USERNAME or you ...